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NEW YORK, January 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Outlier.organ online education platform designed with the goal of increasing access to higher education, today announced it has been named to the GSV EdTech 150, a list of the world’s most transformative growth companies. world in digital learning, organized by multi-stage, women-led venture capital firm GSV Ventures.

Founded by MasterClass co-founder, Aaron Rasmussen, was chosen from more than 3,000 venture capital and private equity-backed private companies revolutionizing the world of edtech for its cinematically stunning, on-credit courses, deliberately priced to fight against the student debt crisis. GSV estimates that together these 150 companies reach approximately 3 billion people – almost half of the world’s population – and generate approximately $20 billion In income.

GSV launched the 2020 EdTech Leaders list with the EdTech 50. Due to the rapid growth of the industry, necessitated by a global pandemic and continued remarkable technological developments, the list has grown to 150 in 2021. In 2022, the sector shows no signs of slowing down, with the 150 companies selected for this year’s list collectively seeing double-digit revenue growth.

Learn more about the GSV EdTech 150 and the selection process here.

“We are honored to be part of the GSV EdTech 150, as access to affordable education continues to be a critical problem that can be solved,” said CEO and Founder of Aaron Rasmussen. “What we are trying to accomplish is a colossal undertaking, and it wouldn’t be possible without our investors, our team, our instructors, the University of Pittsburgh and University of Pittsburgh-Johnstownand everyone who has made the effort and helped along the way.”

“Today we are announcing the annual GSV EdTech 150,” said Luben Pampoulov, Partner at GSV Ventures. “As the global pandemic continues to push online learners, more companies are innovating in the digital learning space, making it increasingly competitive for companies to be in the top 150. We rated over 3,000 companies worldwide this year. The way GSV sees it, Ed is on the edge, and more and more companies have the ideas, the know-how and the talent to transform the world and give everyone equal access to the future. We know these companies are well equipped to help us achieve this goal, and we look forward to seeing them do so.”

To arrive at its list, GSV assessed more than 3,000 venture capital and private equity-backed private for-profit companies that met the following criteria:

  • Companies supported by VC or PE in digital learning, excluding public and non-profit companies
  • Companies that have achieved significant scale, and primarily, but not exclusively, those that are post-Series A in their development
  • Companies experiencing strong organic revenue growth

Final selection is determined by GSV’s proprietary scoring system, which applies scores to multiple KPIs such as revenue scale, revenue growth, active learner reach, international reach, and margin profile.

The GSV EdTech 150 is broken down into three broad sectors: Lifelong Learning, Higher Education, and K-12. Lifelong learning (including workforce learning and adult consumer learning) is the top sector with 42% of the GSV EdTech 150 falling into the category, with an additional 5% companies serving lifelong learning and higher education and another 3% serving both K-12 and lifelong learning. Together, K-12 and Early Childhood make up 27% of the list, while companies in the higher education sector make up just 5% and 9% of the GSV EdTech 150 serve a mix of the two. Excitingly, more companies are serving all industries than ever before, with 9% of the GSV EdTech 150 serving all three major industries.

North America – More precisely United States — is the most represented region with 56% of the GSV EdTech 150. 11% of the GSV EdTech 150 come from Indiawhose market is experiencing explosive growth with five EdTech unicorns which include BYJU, Eruditus, Unacademy, Upgrad and Vedantu. Europe, Africaand the Middle East account for 17% of SEO, with several high-quality, fast-growing companies such as OpenClassrooms, Multiverse, and Photomath. Asia, Australiaand New Zealand represent 11% of the list, while China has seen a significant decline in representation due to increased government regulation. Latin America represents 5% of the list and shows strong growth trends, with companies like Hotmart, Descomplica and UOL EdTech leading the way.

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GSV Companies
GSV Ventures is a women-led, multi-stage venture capital firm focused on the $7 trillion+ education sector. The fund currently invests from the GSV Ventures Fund III and supports innovative entrepreneurs around the world in the “Pre-K to Gray” learning arc. GSV manages more $675 million in global investments in EdTech. Portfolio securities include Andela, Class Technologies, ClassDojo, Coursera, Course Hero, Degreed, Guild, MasterClass,, Photomath, Quizizz, Lead School, Brightchamps and ClassPlus, among others.

Created by the co-founder of MasterClass, offers beautiful, effective online courses that earn students transferable college credit for a fraction of the cost. In addition to featuring cinematic-quality lectures, courses are taught by some of the most charismatic personalities in academia, including instructors from Yale, MITand Colombiaand are transcribed by the University of Pittsburgh, one of the top 60 schools. Students benefit from a premium learning experience that includes access to one-on-one tutoring for math lessons, AI-monitored assessments, dynamically generated problem sets, and active learning materials from point. In line with the company’s mission to increase access to quality higher education and reduce student debt, each course is offered at only $400.

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