Online games are on the rise

Calcutta: The Covid-19 pandemic has driven up demand for online gaming platforms as many teens and young professionals try out indoor entertainment options to combat boredom at work and study from home. Skill-based online games, such as fantasy sports, online rummy and chess, have emerged as the preferred form of entertainment. However, the average time spent on gaming apps returned to normal after the lockdown was lifted in Bengal and other states across the country.
Even gamers in rural parts of the state stand out on Youtube, according to Santanu Basu, a popular FIFA player and founder of Lets Game Now. “Hard core gamers, whether there is Covid or not, will play. Obviously there have been additional users during the pandemic and that has helped the gaming community in a way. Previously internet speed was a big issue in Kolkata, but now people can easily get 500Mbps. The future looks bright for Bengal matches.
Trivikraman Thampy, who founded Games 24×7 with fellow New York University-educated economist Bhavin Pandya in 2006, told TOI: “As lockdown has increased use and engagement, the impact at long term remains to be seen. The devastating economic impact will inevitably affect all consumption, including transaction-based games of skill. But, the slowdown is a blip that will go away. The pursuit of personalized entertainment, coupled with favorable demographic winds, smartphone penetration and low data prices, will continue to drive the growth of the skill game industry.
Gambling laws in the country provide a break from games of skill like fantasy sports, rummy, chess, and bridge that are played both online and offline. “Fantasy sports online are legally allowed because they are games of skill. A balanced regulatory regime will help protect the interests of operators and gamers and meet government goals, ”Thampy said.
Nowadays, fantastic sports are synonymous with fantastic cricket. Asked about it, he added: “In the future we will see the advent of more sports like soccer, football, kabaddi and basketball which are already so popular in the West. The main reason for the success of fantasy sports is that fantasy sports allow cricket viewers to engage more deeply in the game of cricket.

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