Online marketing trends for the floral industry in 2022


Like any other industry, the floral industry can certainly benefit from digital marketing. After all, we live in a digital world where floral e-commerce is booming and most purchases are made online.

However, many players in the flower industry are stuck in the pre-digital age and must seize digital marketing opportunities. New flowering solutions recently described trends in floral marketing can be a game-changer for floral businesses.

Social media marketing

The rise of social media excels for marketing, especially Instagram. However, there are plenty of other platforms that can offer great feedback as well, especially if you incorporate current trends in floral marketing, such as posting regularly. Live videos are raw, grab viewers, and are a great way for an audience to get to know you and your business.

Video marketing

Video marketing is more effective than plain text and is a great way to increase engagement. The long format can sometimes be tedious for users to navigate, and video takes advantage of the visual nature of humans to present information in a more interesting way. Additionally, videos are great for search engine optimization and can bring more organic traffic to your website.

Personalization and remarketing

The personalization as a whole appeals to all customers, including those in the floral industry. This is mostly seen through personalized email marketing and recommended products. 80% of consumers are more likely to buy if a brand offers a personalized experience, which is essential for conversion.

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