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THE success or failure of students depends on their educational and career decisions. The modern school is much more varied than that of the 19th century. The evolution of pedagogy and other revolutionary discoveries have led to the establishment of more transparent teaching methods.

Online learning gives students the freedom to study in the setting of their choice, whether at home or in any other location. Students have access to a wide variety of resources including, but not limited to, written texts, audio recordings, video clips, photographs, and handwritten notes. However, the search element may have some drawbacks.

People who cannot access or participate in more conventional forms of education can succeed with education obtained online. Nearly six million students are enrolled in online courses, which are growing by nearly 30% per year.

Adapting to changing circumstances is one of the many benefits individuals and businesses can derive from participating in online educational programs. Combining traditional teaching methods with online learning is clearly a great strategy to maximize the benefits of modern online education.

Hamza Hassan

Posted in Dawn, September 10, 2022

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