Open University Malaysia ushers in a new era of online education from Malaysia


Open University Malaysia, a university that pioneered online learning in 2000, long before Covid-19 existed, believes that open and distance learning plays a key role in living up to its motto.” University for all”.

Its President and Vice-Chancellor Ahmad Izanee Awang said, “At OUM, we believe that by making education more accessible to a wider audience, more people will have the opportunity to achieve their academic goals and make forward to improve their career opportunities.

Building on 22 years of ODL expertise as a private university formed under Multimedia Technology Enhancement Operations Sdn Bhd, a consortium of Malaysia’s top 11 public universities, OUM now embarks on a mission to reach an audience internationally and enrich virtual learning globally.

Delivering online learning across borders

The flexibility of ODL programs strikes a chord with the working population, who now have the opportunity to improve their skills while juggling work and family obligations.

“OUM now embarks on a mission to reach international audiences and enrich virtual learning globally”

ODL becomes all the more attractive when established universities such as OUM organize synchronous and recorded online courses, online tutorials and carefully integrated interactive online forums to allow learners to freely choose where and when to study. .

“Learners have everything they need to study comfortably anytime, anywhere,” adds Izanee.

“Each course is accompanied by video lectures, electronic modules and other electronic content. An extensive digital library that hosts over 190,000 e-books, 55,000 journal titles, approximately 1.3 million thesis titles and a database of local legal acts accessible to learners at any time is another advantage for a quality education.

Recognized and respected qualifications

“What we are able to offer through our teaching and learning approach therefore serves as a solid foundation for OUM to gain global visibility and become an institution of choice even among international learners. This means ensuring programs are accessible on-demand while being industry-focused and globally recognized,” says Izanee.

OUM offers an impressive selection of career-relevant programs accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency, a statutory body governed by the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education. Additionally, its Bachelor of Accounting program is accredited by CPA Australia.

According to Izanee, OUM has years of experience partnering with international institutions to deliver its programs globally.

“Since 2006, OUM has partnered with more than 10 institutions around the world, which is a testament to the quality and recognition of our programs.

“Partner institutions manage the logistics of enrolling learners and delivering programs in the respective countries while we take the lead in designing and monitoring program quality, as well as providing learning materials and technological support.”

Some of the university’s most rewarding collaborations include the International Institute of Health Sciences (Sri Lanka), Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (Vietnam), Accra Institute of Technology ( Ghana) and SIMAD University (Somalia).

OUM has also started offering a number of postgraduate programs to international learners outside of partner institutions, which has resulted in the enrollment of up to 14,000 international learners in Zimbabwe, Yemen, Syria, France, UK and many other countries.

The above achievements, along with new partnerships with several Asian and African institutions will continue to benefit all who choose to study at OUM.

“We will continue to work tirelessly to become a reputable ODL supplier not only in Malaysia, but all over the world,” concludes Izanee.

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