President reiterates Pakistan’s offer to provide virtual and online education to students in Afghanistan

The President, Dr. Arif Alvi reiterated Pakistan’s offer to provide virtual and online learning facilities to Afghan students through Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) and Virtual University of Pakistan (VUP). The offer was made when Afghanistan’s Minister of Education visited the President and said higher education was in dire straits in Afghanistan.

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While talking to Mufti Taqi Usmani after being informed that Mufti Sahib was traveling to Afghanistan for talks with the leadership. The President said that since Afghanistan does not have nationwide internet connectivity, therefore AIOU and VUP educational materials may initially be communicated to Afghan male and female students through its television network.
The President said that the Government and State of Pakistan believe in providing women with equal educational opportunities on par with its male population. Iqra in the Quran is for all Muslims and is not gender specific. He further stated that given the specific socio-political concerns of Afghanistan, women could benefit from an education by making special arrangements deemed appropriate and as originally promised by the current Afghan leadership.
He said that Islam emphasizes imparting education to all without distinguishing between men and women. He further observed that if Afghanistan takes steps to provide education to its female population according to its own preferences, this far-reaching initiative should also be properly disseminated through all media channels and communication tools to the rest. of the world to allay their concerns. in this regard. Pakistan wants peace and development in Afghanistan and this cannot be achieved without the development of its own human resources.
The President also communicated the Pakistani government’s offers to provide online and virtual education facilities to Afghanistan during his meetings with the Afghan Ambassador and Afghan General Counselors and with other Afghan government leaders directly. or indirectly, through his interaction with them on various occasions.

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