PUBG killing 15 nations banned online games; Debate rages in India over recent murder


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15 nations around the world have banned online gambling.

Strong points

  • 16-year-old boy allegedly shot his mother when she stopped him from playing PUBG
  • About 15 countries have either banned or imposed restrictions on online gambling
  • There is no clear policy in India that can control and censor online gambling

PUBG killing in India: Psychiatrists have warned parents about their children’s mobile addiction, following the murder of a mother by her teenage son in Lucknow when she tried to stop him playing PUBG.

Why is PUBG in the news again in India?

A 16-year-old boy allegedly shot and killed his mother when she stopped him from playing the PUBG online game and kept her body hidden in the house for two days. The boy allegedly threatened his nine-year-old sister not to tell anyone about the incident and used deodorant to hide the smell of the decomposing body. The boy only informed his father, a member of the army stationed in West Bengal, when the smell became unbearable. The boy, who was addicted to online gambling, was furious after his mother asked him to stop gambling and shot her with his father’s licensed gun.

Laws against online gambling around the world

About 15 countries like China, Venezuela, Brazil, Japan among others have banned or imposed restrictions on online gambling. The basis for the ban would be objectionable and violent content. In 2009, Venezuela banned the production, sale and use of video games. Similarly, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Germany, UK, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, Iran and Pakistan have also imposed many restrictions. In China, people under the age of 18 are only allowed to play online games for up to 3 hours on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. Online games with violent, objectionable and controversial content are also not permitted in Australia.

Laws in India

There is no clear policy in our country that can control and censor online games. Although India banned many Chinese online games like PUBG two years ago, these games are still available.

What do psychiatrists say?

The young mind begins to think that it is becoming powerful in the real world as well. This illusion of power creates a negative impact on a child’s mind. The most disturbing fact about these games is that there is no end. Adarsh ​​Tripathi, assistant professor of psychiatry department at KGMU, said that in most of these games, after a certain stage, you are given a rank like “colonel”, “brigadier”, “general”, which acts as a motivating factor. Parents should monitor if the child becomes aggressive when not allowed to watch a show or play an online game on mobile or laptop.

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