Salt & Fuessel has developed a new online marketing strategy for Swann Insurance


Salt & Fussel designed a digital marketing strategy to improve brand awareness and increase online sales by driving digital traffic for Swann Insurance.

The challenge

As a recognized name in the insurance industry, the challenge before them was to turn brand awareness into customer conversion. Swann Insurance wanted to generate digital traffic nationwide and ultimately see increased sales.

The strategy

Salt & Fuessel has taken a holistic approach to this problem, running campaigns in all areas of marketing. From SEO to social media marketing and website development, they’ve made sure that all the basics are covered to maximize results.


On- and off-page SEO strategies aimed at improving brand visibility and outperforming Swann Insurance’s competitors in search results have been launched.


Conversion-focused SEM and social media campaigns were launched to strengthen the company’s position in the market and generate more sales.

User testing and development

Salt & Fuessel’s user testing and website development strategies have eliminated consumer weak spots and created a smooth customer journey.

The results

Their initiatives resulted in an impressive increase in online sales revenue of 25.69% after a few changes to their landing pages.

Just by understanding their customers, which message needed to change in the main website banner resulted in 10% more conversions.

Recently launched social media campaigns run by their experts saw a monumental return on ad spend of 21.8.

  • 76% increase in conversion rate
  • 13x return on investment
  • 20% increase in policy completion

About Salt & Fuessel

Salt & Fuessel has found that many companies struggle with knowing what works when trying to acquire customers.

Well, they’ve actually developed a proven process that accurately identifies the optimal channels for customer growth. Then their single user testing regime converts leads into highly qualified leads by speaking each individual’s language.

It works so well that they guarantee a 5X ROI and in these uncertain times their customers love it.

Their mission is centered on the belief that people seek a deeper connection and more meaningful results.

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