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The State Bank of India (SBI) has come up with a new feature for its Yono Lite app, as it ensures customer safety and prevents online fraud in digital transactions. To get these features, a user needs to update their existing application to continue using the SBI Yono Lite.

In a tweet, SBI revealed, “Online banking is now more secure than ever with SBI! Download the latest YONO Lite app now.”

This new feature is called the SIM link, which is equipped with technology that further guarantees the security of online transactions. It allows one user per device with a registered mobile number. There is a one-time registration with the registered mobile number that needs to be done after upgrading the app to Yono Lite app version 5.3.48.

Here’s how to register for the SBI YONO Lite app:

Android users

  • Go to Playstore and download the YONO Lite SBI app
  • To start the registration, select either SIM 1 or SIM 2, whichever is registered with SBI and if there is only one SIM, it is not necessary to select a SIM.
  • An SMS will appear on your screen to validate the mobile number.
  • Press the “Proceed” button and a message with a unique code will be sent from the device to a predefined number.
  • Then send the SMS
  • After that, fill in the username and password and then hit the REGISTER button for registration.
  • Check the box and click on the “OK” button to accept the general conditions of registration.
  • Then an activation code will be provided to the registered mobile number and it will be valid for 30 minutes.
  • By entering the activation code into the app, the user must complete the activation process.
  • Then you can easily connect to the YONO Lite app.

IOS users

  • Go to the App Store and download the YONO Lite app. A message will be displayed on the device which will essentially validate the cell phone number.
  • Press the “Proceed” button, a unique code that must be filled in automatically in the default SMS application with a predefined number. The SMS must be sent within 30 seconds from the phone number linked to the SBI account to continue.
  • After that enter username and password and click on REGISTER button on the registration screen.
  • Check the box and click on the ‘Ok’ button to accept the general conditions of registration. Then an activation code will be sent to the registered mobile number.
  • Next, a user must complete the activation by entering the activation code into the app.
  • Users can now log into the YONO Lite app.

“Bank securely with YONO SBI! YONO SBI improves its security features. The new upgrade will allow access to YONO SBI only from the phone whose mobile number is registered with the bank,” had previously SBI tweeted about the new version of the SBI Yono app.

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