Scammers Target Children Playing Online Games, Cyber ​​Warns Public


Amid the increase in cybercrime cases, a pattern has surfaced where a number of crooks have targeted children playing online games on cell phones. The accused are exploiting vulnerabilities in gaming software and making sure they are properly exposed to teens, who are forced to share pictures and documents for further setup, an official at Maharashtra Cyber ​​said. Police also issued a notice to warn the public.

According to a recent report, Indian video game players spend an average of eight and a half hours a week playing games, with over 60 percent claiming to have played games for three or more consecutive hours. Taking advantage of this trend, cybercriminals have infiltrated these mobile games, where they embed fake websites and suspicious links in a desperate attempt to fool people, especially teenagers.

In a notice, Maharashtra Cyber ​​said that cybercriminals were exploiting various software vulnerabilities of these online games and redirecting users to the bogus website, similar to one of the online game makers. “In some cases, users are directed to bogus websites where images and other documents are also taken away by crooks, which could be used for malicious purposes. Cybercriminals ensure vulnerabilities in sites or applications of games are properly displayed and used for their profits, ”one official said.

Police have advised parents to closely monitor their children’s online / gaming activities and to ensure that anything their children engage in is safe and genuine. Parents have also been advised not to share or save their bank passwords with their children on their phones as this could lead to misuse.

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Posted on: Thursday March 18, 2021 12:28 am IST

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