Second National Award for Kapiʻolani CC’s Online Education Initiatives


TOPP To go! is a facet of Kapiʻolani CCthe national price.

Kapiʻolani community college won another national award for online education. the Professional university and continuing education association (UPCEA) The Strategic Innovation in Online Education Award often celebrates a specific innovative program at a higher education institution, but Kapiʻolani CCeLearning programs and courses are now supported by a complex web of interconnected initiatives and projects. the Price 2022 recognizes and celebrates that these intertwined initiatives are responsible for the high quality of online education provided by the college.

Professional development

A focus on professional development has served as the cornerstone of the campus innovation network. These include Kapiʻolani CCis nationally recognized TOPP (Online Teaching Preparation Program), TOPP To go!, Kapiʻolani Summer campthe Fundamentals of digital accessibility training and SPOTLIGHT. The programs provided professional development for teachers online at Kapiʻolani CC and through the University of HawaiiSystem.

Professional development has been flourishing with 184 faculty from seven campuses trained by TOPPFor who Kapiʻolani CC moved back UPCEA awards in 2020, and 517 employees from the 10 UH campuses who participated in TOPP To go!

Support students

Kapiʻolani CC also one of the first uh campus to join the National Council of State Authorization Reciprocal Agreements, allowing students from other U.S. states and territories to take college courses online. To support online students, SŌL: success for online learners, an online preparation module, can be integrated into online courses. A new focus for fully online learners also helps ensure that students get the most out of their online learning experiences.

“I commend the teachers and staff of the distance learning team for their hard work,” said Chancellor Louise Pagotto. “Since 2017, their collective efforts to advance distance education at Kapiʻolani through multi-faceted professional development opportunities and infrastructure initiatives have resulted in a high-quality, rigorous and engaging online learning environment for our students.

Looking forward

Anticipating changes to accreditation requirements for distance education (OF) which will be implemented in July 2022, the campus has developed and instituted a Kapiʻolani CC definition of regular and substantial interaction. Through the dedicated efforts of over 25 faculty members, the campus has also launched a OF Class coaching program that both ensures that all of its online classes are compliant with Federal and Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges standards and provides opportunities for online teachers to engage in meaningful instructional discussions with their peers.

Through the efforts of dedicated staff, faculty, and administrators, 19 comprehensive online degree and certificate pathways have been opened and are being integrated into campus structures. And the monthly Kapiʻolani CC OF Newsletterwith an email distribution of over 850, seeks to keep all online educators, on campus and beyond, connected with OF information and updates.

Most importantly, the campus uses all of these initiatives as opportunities to build, strengthen, and nurture a community of mutually supportive online educators and learners, recognizing that all of its online educators and students are driven, innovative, and engaged. .

By Leigh Dooley, Professor and Distance Learning Coordinator

Top row from left, Kara Plamann Wagoner, Jamie Sickel, Youxin Zhang, Nadine Wolff. Middle row from left, Helen Torigoe, Kawehi Sellers, Leigh Dooley, Kelli Nakamura and bottom row from left, Kristie Malterre, Man Beryl Yang, Melissa Nakamura, `Iwalani What of.

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