Some VyStar members are experiencing delays when trying to access online banking


JACKSONVILLE, Florida. – VyStar Credit Union is making progress on online and mobile banking issues, but problems persist, including wait times for members trying to access their accounts.

Although members can finally access online banking from a computer or web browser, the mobile app still does not work.

On Monday evening, members were greeted with the following message after logging into their accounts:

“Thank you for your patience. Initially, transactions through May 13 are available below. Please see previous transaction records. Transfers between VyStar accounts are currently not available. If you have any questions, please contact us via Magic*Touch at 904-777-6001 or 800-235-6289.

This was the first time in a week that Vystar members saw anything other than an error message when trying to log in.

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The credit union also said it was working on a resolution on internal transfers within the next 72 hours.

On Tuesday afternoon, the following message appeared on the VyStar website:

“You can access your account through a computer or mobile browser at Due to high demand, you may experience a connection delay as the platform rolls out over the next few days. Please stay in the queue to connect. Thank you for your patience.

“We have extended hours in our Call center (6 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. until May 25) and at select branch and drive-thru locations.”

Tuesday marked the 11th day of trouble. The online and mobile banking outage began as the credit union rolled out an update to its system.

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Also on Tuesday, VyStar CEO Brian Wolfburg spoke with News4JAX reporter Jim Piggott. Wolfburg said VyStar is making progress on online and mobile banking and expects it to be fully operational as usual next week.

“It wasn’t a good week for us, it wasn’t a good week for the community, and we’re going to make up for it,” Wolfburg said.

Members told News4JAX on Tuesday that there was a waiting list to connect and their online position was over 10,000.

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VyStar member Anthony Clay said he didn’t wait to access his online account Monday night.

“I was able to see my account, everything,” Clay said.

But on Tuesday, when he opened the site, he was number 10,697 online.

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“So I imagine everyone is trying to get along now that we can get to the website,” Clay said.

But the wait time might not be as long as expected – a News4JAX insider said from a line of nearly 12,000 people, she was able to access her account in about 15 minutes. Another VyStar member said it took them about 10 minutes from about 12,000e online.

In the meantime, many people continue to go to physical locations or use telephone banking to get their balance.

VyStar member Douglas Dixon said he was not waiting in a virtual queue. On Tuesday afternoon, he was told he was 13,315 online.

“I’m not going to care about it until they fix it,” Dixon said.

VyStar member Islam Zayed said he prefers to come in person to do his business.

“I have online banking. I was trying to pay my car loan and I wasn’t able to, so I had to take a 10-15 hour break from my job, so I could come and perform a payment,” Zayed said.

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The message to VyStar from its members continues to be: Solve the problems.

“It’s a bad deal. They should at least give us an estimate because right now we’re just doing blind banking,” said VyStar member Freddie Manning. “I really have no idea when it’s going to be up.”

News4JAX had previously heard from VyStar that their priority was to get the website up and running as it is accessible on phones as well, so as far as that goes, it looks like progress is being made.

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