Sony is hiring a live services manager to lead new online games


Sony Interactive Entertainment is currently recruiting for an executive position to lead its new live services gaming division.

Sony’s PlayStation Studios recently implemented a Jobs for a vice president role, head of live services that will help shape its new push into online games. The executive position is open to all SIE branches, including its offices in London, Liverpool, San Diego, San Mateo and Los Angeles.

“As Head of Live Services, you will be responsible for the ownership and successful delivery of the operational framework for the PlayStation Studios Live service. You will be responsible for the architecture of a cohesive and integrated live services business strategy, a product strategy and an operational framework to ensure commercial success”, the list reads.

Another interesting part of the list indicates that the vice president will establish a new live services hub for PlayStation games. This suggests the games could be included in a special section of the PlayStation Store, or perhaps integrated into existing services such as PS Now and PS Plus.

The latest update sees Sony establish a new live service games arm to oversee the development of its new games-as-a-service titles.

The company plans to ship more than 10 live service games by 2026 in a bid to bolster digital revenue, drive continued retention in its own network-based services like PS Plus and PlayStation Now (which will all merge two with sound new service named Spartacus), and to perpetuate its activity.

Sony’s recent takeover of Bungie for $3.6 billion will fit directly into that live service goal. Bungie maintains one of the most popular live games on the market with Destiny 2.

Former PlayStation President John Kodera previously ran Sony’s game services division. Under Kodera, PlayStation services have made significant strides, including cross-play support, expanded PS Plus functionality, and offline play and downloads on PlayStation Now. Kodera left Sony in 2021.

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