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London, England, April 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

Based in UK Stratton Digital is looking for new ways to help its business community understand why local online marketing should be a crucial aspect of its strategy. Taking the first step in sharing their point of view, the agency published an article accessible free of charge via the blog area of ​​their official website. Alternatively, companies can contact Stratton Digital agents directly to discuss any concerns relating to their own interests and niches.

“In today’s business landscape,” the post reads, “you have to have an online presence or miss out on a big chunk of your audience, leads, and sales. However, it’s not about only to get your business online. You should make how you go about it a key consideration. To take full advantage of an online presence, you need to learn the tactics and strategies of online marketing, including the local marketing.

It’s pretty easy to test, says the agency. All anyone has to do is search for a specific product or service. The results they receive will invariably be limited to their immediate geographic location, with most results being only a relatively short walk or drive away. This process, in particular, can be swayed in favor of a business, and Stratton Digital firmly believes that anyone who does not take advantage of this opportunity is doing themselves and their business a great disservice. For one thing, chances are their competitors are already doing the same – or working with marketers who can operate on their behalf. Getting on board is probably the only way for them to stay relevant in local search results.

The process of localizing an online presence falls under search engine optimization (SEO) and enables the business to capture the attention of its preferred audience – the people most likely to become customers. Stratton Digital says a business will need to implement several complementary strategies in order to increase brand visibility in this way, including content creation and careful use of keywords. A small investment in this regard can go a long way, resulting in increased conversions and sales.

According to the agency, redefining a business based on its territory can lift it out of the relatively large shadow of competitors based around the world. This is especially important for businesses without an international footprint, as they will likely depend on foot traffic or customer interest nearby. Fortunately, Stratton Digital says they should see several benefits in no time once they get started.

First, the company’s brand visibility will improve. For starters, the message reads, “Statistics would show that a whopping 67.6% of user clicks go to the top five results on Google. If your business appears among these results, chances are that web visitors will click to see what you’ One of the biggest success factors for your business is being where potential customers can easily find you.Local SEO helps you become more visible, which greatly improves the chances that customers find your business.

Businesses will also find that customers associate their brand with a position of authority in their respective field or service. Ranking higher in search results gives the impression that the business is the most prominent name in that category, making customers feel more comfortable doing all their shopping with said business. Since it encourages people to become repeat customers, a business cannot afford to miss out on such opportunities.

The agency explains, “Even clients appreciate the convenience of doing business within the local economy. When they do business with you and have a great customer experience, they are more likely to come back and even refer your business to others. They also appreciate the convenience of being able to drop by anytime for purchases, returns, exchanges and offers. It helps you retain your customers and retain them.”

Much more information on the subject can be found in this blog post, and the agency invites the business community to get in touch with their experts if they have any further questions or want to start their own marketing campaign in local line. Stratton Digital’s Phil Roskams is on hand to provide any further assistance to those who reach out.


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