Suicide of a TVM boy: police suspect online gaming addiction | A TVM boy commits suicide | online games lead to suicide


Thiruvananthapuram: As more and more cases of suicides caused by online gambling are reported in the state, police have raised suspicions about the death of a 14-year-old boy in Chirayinkeezhu here. Police began to gather more details to confirm whether the boy was addicted to online games.

Sabith Muhammad, a student at the Prem Nazir Memorial Government HS School in Koonthalloor, was found hanged at his residence on November 8. He is the son of the natives of Mudapuram, Shanavas and Sajeena.

When Sabith’s cell phone was examined, only normal games were found. But her family has raised suspicions about her addiction to online games. They questioned Sabith was using various gaming apps with secret passwords on her mother’s phone.

Based on this statement, the police decided to send his phone in for a detailed forensic examination, Inspector GB Mukesh informed. At present, the police have registered one unnatural death case.

Sabith’s father, who works in Muscat, returned to his workplace on October 22 after spending a vacation there with his family. The boy used to attend his classes online using his mother’s phone. He used the phone to access notes shared by teachers. He is suspected of having installed online games on his phone without his parents’ consent.

On the day of Sabith’s death, his mother had picked him up from the school in the afternoon. At around 2:30 p.m., he went to his room with the phone claiming he needed to finish some notes. At that time, only his mother Sajeena was present at the house.

As Sabith did not come out of her room until 5 p.m., Sajeena went to her room and found it locked from the inside. As there was no response from the room, Sajeena asked the neighbors for help to open the door. Sabith was found hanging from the bars of the windows.

The games were hidden on the “Calculator” application

Sabith’s father Shanavas reported that Sabith hid the games on the calculator app using a secret password. When Shanavas returned home following the death of his son, his youngest son Basith Muhammad spoke to him about Sabith’s addiction to online games. He opened the app with a password revealed by Basith and found hidden gaming apps on the phone. But since each app had separate secret passwords, he failed to open them.

“Normally, a child would have no idea how to tie the knot to hang himself. The people who tried to save Sabith struggled to untie the knot. Therefore, they cut him off for freeing Sabith from him, ”Shanavas said.

Sabith had written ‘Goodbye’ in her notebook after drawing a star. At the time of suicide, he was wearing his sewn uniform two days ago. A bicycle used by his 3-year-old sister, Sairah, was seen near the corpse.

Shanavas pointed out these facts as suggesting that Sabith was engaged in certain tasks related to online gambling. The grieving father added that he expressed his doubts in the hope that no other child would face such a catastrophe.

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