Teachers and parents invited to promote online education

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports continues to advise teachers and parents of students to encourage study through e-learning by accessing lessons on the website and media ministry social.

In a May 25 press release, the ministry said to help students with their studies during school closures, all primary and secondary schools must follow the “compact curriculum” for core subjects. at all levels.

“To ensure that students continue their studies, the ministry encourages all teachers and students to pursue distance learning as much as possible, including through digital educational resources for study aids,” a- he declared.

Ministry-recommended digital resources include e-textbooks, instructional videos for all grade levels, and individual worksheets created by the ministry and its partners.

The ministry said students can learn at their own pace through the ministry’s online learning app, which provides many resources.

Ministry spokesman Ros Soveacha said schools will only be able to reopen after the community outbreak ends on Feb. 20, although the ministry has already determined a reopening strategy.

“The reopening of schools in the future will focus on health security in line with measures to promote a new life path in education,” he said.

Pech Bolen, president of the Federation of Education Services of Cambodia, noted that most private schools in the provinces, including language and early childhood education institutions, have decided to temporarily suspend their activities.

“The suspension is due to the difficulties of online education and a lack of funding. The schools that can still operate are those that provide general education, higher education and those that mainly benefit families with the highest incomes. high,” he said.

Bolen said online learning does not provide the same level of education as face-to-face in-class lessons, and early childhood students face the biggest challenges of learning online.

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