Teenager Who Endured Tragedy Succeeds Through Online Education


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One of the great lessons of the pandemic is that education must include flexibility. While some students struggled in a predominantly crisis year of virtual education, most thrived through intentional online learning. Utah Online School paving the way for online education and has been for years.

With over 15 years of experience in a flexible learning environment and serving over 10,000 students each year, UOS has proven methods to meet student needs.

UOS emphasizes student success by tailoring learning to student needs with the support of certified teachers, adult mentors and counselors. Best of all, UOS is an accredited public school, free for Utah students.

How UOS helped a student

At 15, Kelly lived a lifetime of trauma, including multiple moves, the divorce of her parents and ultimately the tragic death of her father days before the start of her freshman year at a new school.

A few months later, COVID struck and effectively ended his schooling for many months.

Kelly moved to Utah to live with her grandparents. She was lacking some necessary credits, so over the summer she enrolled and completed two courses through UOS. Better yet, these were classes she couldn’t take at her border school because demand exceeded capacity.

“The Utah Online School experience has been great,” said her grandfather. “The classes were full and the process went smoothly. There was no pressure, so Kelly was able to work at her own pace. Whenever there was a question or concern, teachers and staff at UOS responded on the same day. “

Now a junior, Kelly is able to make up some of her missing credits at her frontier school, and she also plans to take additional summer school at UOS.

Focused on the needs and flexibility of students and families

Even with the current school year, students have the option of taking UOS courses while attending their local school. Whatever the situation, UOS can meet the needs of students with their extensive course offers and a supportive learning environment.

Beginning of secondary credit available for students in grades 6 to 8

Many students are eager and able to get a head start on their high school credits. This allows flexibility in their future high school schedule or early graduation for students interested in this option.

Teenager Who Endured Tragedy Succeeds Through Online Education
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Grade replacement

Utah Online offers students the option of retaking a course to replace a grade on their transcript.

Credit recovery

Utah Online helps students recover missed credits needed for graduation. Students can register credit recovery during the school year or summer.

Extensive course offers

In many schools, popular electives are often restricted to seniors or are filled by random selection because demand far exceeds the available slots. This is not a problem at UOS. In fact, UOS offers many more courses than many border schools.

In addition to traditional subjects like reading, art, history and math, UOS offers courses like computers, programming, coding, world languages ​​(20 years and over), music (guitar , ukulele, music theory and more), wildlife and marine biology, Honors courses and ACT prep.

Do you have a student who will be old enough to drive? UOS offers driver training that includes the curriculum and simulator requirements. Students can also earn physical education credits for participating in any physical activity they are involved in, either privately or as part of club sports. Students who receive private music lessons can earn high school credit through the Independent Studio Study course, which can be taken multiple times as long as they take music or singing lessons with an instructor.

You can see the extensive list of course offerings at UOS website and the list of available topics continues to grow.

A success record

Utah Online School serves over 10,000 students each year with over 150 teachers, counselors and staff. In over 15 years, the cumulative total of students served has exceeded 110,000. These numbers continue to rise as parents seek ways to provide their children with the best education available.

During this period, UOS achieved a course completion rate of over 90% and a graduation rate of 99%.

Utah Online School teachers and staff are highly qualified, licensed, and certified. They are also passionate about helping students. “I am able to personalize and individualize the content for the specific needs of the students in a way that was not possible before. And as someone who got an education because I really enjoy teaching high school students and love this age group in general, this has been a dream job! “Says teacher Kellie Richins.

Madison Belnap, another teacher at Utah Online School, says, “Teaching for Utah Online High School is a privilege. I love the opportunity to teach students from across the state, with diverse backgrounds and varying circumstances. The connection with these different students is so expanding for me, as their lives add a level of abundance to my experience as an educator. “

Whether your student is looking for part-time, full-time or simultaneous enrollment, Utah Online School has the experience and expertise to help them find academic success.

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