The 5 most expensive online games in the world


Thanks to the continuous developments made in the fields of science and technology, online games are always evolving to become a better version of their previous models. Innovation, creativity and imagination are some of the key factors that trigger the development of these games.

From online mobile games to video games and even online streaming games, the world is constantly providing versatile options for gamers to choose from. However, even though online games may seem so interesting, they are still a relatively high budget affair. Most online game developers are known to spend a fortune on designing a single game.

Especially during the pandemic era, the world has seen the immense growth and development that the online gambling industry has experienced. Today, the market for virtual games is high and continues to increase over time. So, in this article, we bring you the top 5 most expensive online games in the world.

Top 5 most expensive online games in the world

1. Grand Theft Auto V

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Grand Theft Auto V is by far the most expensive online game of this decade. This expensive treatment for gamers and game addicts around the world was developed on a budget of approximately $265 million. Millions have been spent developing and marketing this online game, only to be overwhelmed by the response it has received from around the world!

Anyone who has ever played this game in their life can’t get away from it. From the quality of the graphics to the highly immersive gameplay experiences, Grand Theft Auto V is a powerful game! Despite its hefty price tag, Grand Theft Auto V continues to harbor a large fan base around the world.

Game Plot: The game’s storyline is based in the fictional town of San Andreas, Southern California. It is a single-player game that follows three different protagonists, including bank robber Michael De Santa, street mobster Franklin Clinton, and drug dealer and gunman Trevor Philips. The three protagonists are always on the verge of committing heists as they remain crushed by a corrupt government agency and criminals.

Played from a third-person or first-person perspective, players must navigate the game themselves on foot or in a vehicle. The game is largely based on heists and missions which provide extremely exciting pursuit throughout the game!

2. Dark Black Murder Escape

Escape rooms are taking center stage in the gaming industry today as one of the most unique and adventurous games on the plate. Black Noir Murder Escape is a challenging and fun online escape game. Over time, this virtual escape room has received great reviews from gamers around the world.

The game’s immersive plot is enough to always keep you on the edge of your seat, clinging to whatever you might encounter next. With each room decorated in a different theme and dotted with unique puzzles, Black Noir Murder Escape is a great game for small and large groups alike.

The plot of the game: The game takes place at a time when the streets are looming with the presence of gangsters. Inside the escape room, you and your team take on the role of private detective, Mr. Jones. You receive a mystery letter that takes you through a series of puzzle-filled crime scenes for you to solve.

3. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Out of all the different games in the entire Call of Duty series, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 remains one of the most popular games. The approximate budget the developers and marketers have spent to curate this insanely popular game is around $250 million. However, it is said that much of the money has been amply spent on marketing this product.

Even today, this first-person shooter is loved and enjoyed by gamers all over the world. Developed extensively by Infinity Ward and published by Activision, this game is the sixth installment in the Call of Duty series.

Game Plot: The game’s storyline follows Task Force 141, a multinational special forces unit en route to hunt Vladimir Makarov. Makarov is the leader of Russia’s ultranationalist party. US Army Rangers from the 1st Battalion defended the Washington DC area against Russian invaders. The only playable characters in the game are Sergeant Gary “Roach” Sanderson of 141 and Private James Ramirez of Army Rangers.

4. Star Wars: The Old Republic

First announced in 2008, Star Wars: The Old Republic has a bright future ahead of it. The development of this game alone cost around $200 million, as well as a significant outlay in the name of marketing. However, the expense was worth every penny.

The immersive nature of the game has always been enough to make players want to become Jedi themselves! Since its release in the global markets, the game has promised and delivered several exciting features to gamers.

The plot of the game: This multiplayer online game is based on the Star Wars universe. The game begins shortly after an uneasy peace is established between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic. Players can join either of these two groups while playing the game. There are eight different classes in the game, each favoring their play style. Filled with customizations, fully voiced dialogue and more Still, this game is extremely exciting!

5. Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII was yet another big budget online game which had an online budget of around $100 million. The production budget was less than the amount spent on marketing. Even today, it remains the best-selling game of the entire series.

Final Fantasy VII was the first game in the series that opened up the franchise to European gamers. With expert use of graphics, cutscenes, and gameplay mechanics, this is surely a must-have for all game junkies.

The plot of the game: The story of the game follows the mercenary Cloud Strife on his way to join the eco-terrorist organization. He does this to stop a megacorporation that aims to control the entire world. During his journey to save the world, Cloud befriends his party members, including Aerith, who is known to hide the secret to saving the world.

With that, we come to the end of our list of the 5 most expensive online games in the world. Being a gaming addict yourself, be sure to try these games today and discover the secret that makes them the best in the world!

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