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There is no better way to have fun than playing games online with friends. Whether it’s via smartphones, tablets and game consoles, we’re having a blast, especially if we’re still stuck at home because of the pandemic..

Online games with friends have come a long way in recent years. No longer are we limited to basic PC games or forced to play scrabble in person with our grandmothers.

Now all of this also means that we can play too many online games with friends. When does he go from pleasure to addiction or harm? Well the research is here to make sure that one, the games help improve our thinking skills.

This is why many educators use educational video games in their lesson structure (especially with young children when their minds are cool sponges).

For those who are visual learners, games are an interactive form for playing and understanding. Source: Miguel Medina / AFP

For those who are visual learners, games are an interactive form for playing and understanding. It is a way to develop additional cognitive skills to solve problems and stimulate your memory. Not to mention that online games with friends are very relaxing.

It can be difficult to keep up with all the new games released today. Rest assured, we’ve done the research for you to choose from the best free online games of 2021 with friends:


Runescape is a high fantasy game with a long list of skills and weapon types to master. You can do quests with friends or take it easy and develop your farming, fishing, and cooking skills. It also contains visuals that will prepare you for the most epic adventure where you can escape reality and achieve victory! – for a moment.

Free Online Games 2021

Taking a break is important – it’s about balancing study and play. Source: Noël Celis / AFP

Lord of the Rings Online

If you don’t have at least one of the movies, have you experienced it? A must-have on our list of free online games, this is where you can create your own character to explore Middle-earth and dress them up in many different outfits. Who will you choose? It’s Gandalf for us!

DC Universe Online

Are you a DC fan? Another great one on our 2021 free online games list is for the comedic heads who make you a hero or a villain in a wide range of storyline quests. Choose between characters like Wonder Woman, Batman, and Joker.

NBA Live Mobile

A smooth gameplay design where you can build your great NBA team. For basketball fans, this one’s for you.

Free Online Games 2021

For those who are visual learners, games are an interactive form for playing and understanding. It is a way to develop additional cognitive skills in problem solving and memory strengthening. Source: Stéphane De Sakutin / AFP

The Sims Mobile

Are we just a simulation? Now you get to play Sims on your mobile and create your own world with your own scenario. Build the perfect house and connect with other Sims characters.

Jeweled stars

Bejeweled is a mobile classic and this version will allow you to use your matching skills to earn stars to build constellations. It’s an obvious classic to pass the time while you take a break from your studies.

Need for speed without limits

Much like the movies, the game version of this is endless. Get your adrenaline pumping while you race, drift, drag and roll through obstacles and courses. You can’t drive recklessly in real life – really, don’t – so you might as well do it here.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

Become the ruler of the galaxy by create and customize your team using characters from all eras of Star Wars, which includes champions of the Mandalorian. Here you can properly immerse yourself in space, leading lightsaber battles as you move up the ranks.

The simpsons released

Based on the iconic TV show The Simpsons, this game will have you playing homer simpson on a quest to reunite with family and friends. Relive your childhood by making Springfield your own.

Plants vs Zombies 2

Last but not least, our list of 2021 free online games ends on a healthy note. As the name suggests, you will gather an army of powerful plants and overload them with plant food while discover ways to protect your brain from zombies.

While this is a hilarious take on the dawn of time, we can’t help but think of the message of using plants to protect your brain: don’t forget to eat your veggies.


We have an updated list of the best games of 2021 to play with friends! Check them out here.

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