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The management of our main banks is busy congratulating themselves on having converted a number of customers into online banking, by limiting deposits made “manually” to more than $ 10,000 (and all small deposits?), By reducing crowds in banks and thus be “Covid-responsible”.

There is, however, another side of the story. When RBC converted to electronic banking and started cutting back on walk-in customer service, it was the most hated bank in town, according to the many complaints I heard. Maybe they listened to the complaints and made it smoother — I don’t do business with RBC, so I don’t know.

Republic Bank, however, is in a class of its own with what must be the most customer-hostile system ever programmed.

It’s a nightmare of inadequate menus with unfamiliar terms, very slow responses, a short time before expirations, multiple logins still needed, difficulty getting a paper record of what you’ve just done, etc.

I’ve found that no one in management is interested in listening to customer complaints, so how can we expect them to improve?

Examples are:

1. When opening the site, why not immediately display as many transactions as possible on the account, with obvious scrolling for previous ones. In other words, open with the instruction. Most people want to see if a payment has been made or received and the balance, so why go through several (incomprehensible) menu options for that?

2. Why do we have to go to “Transactions” for everything we want to know, because we don’t know exactly what “Transactions” means.

3. During a payment, we want to send a message to the beneficiary, telling him from whom and for what. Maybe “Invoice Number” or something similar. It cannot be done with confidence on the online screen. There is a section for “Remarks” or something, but nowhere does it say “THIS WILL BE DISPLAYED WITH YOUR PAYMENT”, so nine out of ten times the payee has to infer by remote sensing, make inquiries over the phone , etc.

4. When you have multiple things to do, why does the thing constantly time out while you wait for the next menu option to appear?

5. During the connection, a small wheel that turns in circles indicates that we move on to the next part of the process (a hell of a long wait). Once logged in, the little wheel disappears so you don’t know if “the system” has just went to sleep or if it takes you to the next menu option (longer waits). Usually it expires, so you have to start over!

6. If I decide to look for a previous payment and when it is displayed on the screen, decide to print it as proof, it prints as a “transaction” that has just been done on the date of today ‘hui. This is very worrying because you made the payment last week. So, has he made the payment yet? Why not come clean and show the payment date?

There are a lot more complaints, but basically it’s an unintuitive menu system that needs a lot of improvement and is ridiculously slow. Of course, you can always go to the ATM, get the money, and try to do all the business in cash, except in the case of the Glencoe branch, the machine is often empty or won’t print a receipt on it. that day!

And, of course, the bank claims it is not responsible for the ATMs – it is the responsibility of another company!

Recently, we heard that Republic is majority government-owned, but after all, that shouldn’t mean our flagship bank has to function as a section of government.

Reg Potter


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