The most powerful character creation mechanics in online games


Starting a brand new game that you have purchased in which you create your character allows you to define a personality that you will possess during your time in this world. It can look like you or someone you know, or it can be a celebrity or someone straight out of your imagination.

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Level up your character while online. NPCs can’t think of how you recreated your favorite actor, but other players will. So whether it’s your friends or strangers you meet for a match or in an open world, you can show off that character you’ve created.


8 Fallout 76

Bethesda is known for a lot of great things – but also for launching buggy games. So diving into something online had a tougher than usual start for the studio, but Fallout 76 finally got a foothold.

From launch, the only thing it had was a deep character customization system. It carried over the same mechanics from Fallout 4, but was well received because the last single-player game in the series had enough depth to allow people to create incredible characters, as well as monstrosities. Ultimately, it’s all about player choice, and when playing in a post-apocalyptic West Virginia, you should have the option to make someone as beautiful or as vile as you want.

seven rocket league

A car isn’t technically a character, but when it’s what you’re playing, then it’s your in-game avatar. Rocket League is expansive with its customizable options. Everything from the car’s body to its paint, from its wheels to its boosters, and much more. With every little detail you have many options with little things you can modify to create anything you can imagine.

This makes it all the more satisfying when you win a match. The game displays your team as you can rev your engines or jump for a few seconds to celebrate your victory. While this is happening, your opponents can see your masterful and practical work up close.

6 EVE online

Every time a massive game with a character creator comes out, people talk about creating their character for hours. For a game that has maintained a longer player base than your average MMO, you could easily spend so much time in EVE Online with its expansive system.

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The steps before completing this process take some time. You can choose your lineage with gender choices and adjust each body part to your liking. You can even use your cursor to pull and stretch every major body part with detail, unlike most games, especially MMOs.

5 WWE 2K22

Wrestling is at the heart of WWE, but one attraction is how you can create your wrestler. WWE 2K22 options allow you to insert your face on your character. Even if you don’t want to do this, you have plenty of tools to develop your creativity.

Not everyone wants to take the time to make their wrestler or have the skills to do something special. These people can download great characters created by the community. People are getting creative enough with superheroes to recreate real wrestlers that aren’t in the normal WWE 2K22 roster.

Like Fallout 76 taking the mechanics of its single-player predecessor, Elder Scrolls Online takes bits and pieces from other games in the series and puts them as part of an online experience.

ESO offers ten races to choose from and a gender and alliance selection. Like your average RPG, you can select your class based on the playstyle you want. A class and race or two may be closed depending on which edition of the game you have, but you still have plenty of options. Finally, you can adjust your body and face. It is specific enough that some options are exclusive to certain races.

3 Destiny 2

Destiny 2 checks every box for every basic need to create your guardian. Race, gender, face, and class (Hunter, Titan, and Warlock) are all things you tinker with until you’re satisfied. Each class has its distinctive style that’s easy to identify whether you’re up against NPCs or in PvP.

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What works for Bungie’s sci-fi shooter is its color schemes. Combinations create dynamic characters that appear across the galaxy as you travel on your adventures. You might be limited in some areas, but the way you comb your hair will make you unique.

2 red dead online

Rockstar has been learning and innovating on its online character creator since GTA Online, so when Red Dead Online released, the options for making someone look human were improved.

Once you’ve adjusted all the sliders and ticked all the boxes you needed, there’s more you can do once you jump into the Wild West. Clothing has been a staple in GTA Online and continues with Red Dead. Dressing up is almost like another game in how you can get as rugged or stylish as you want.

1 black desert online

Black Desert Online has one of the most complex character creation systems around. It has all the basics you should expect: gender, race, class, hair, etc. Some finer details can be tweaked in specific ways that most games can’t, like shaping your hair.

The developers went a bit further than the average MMO, or the average of any online game that lets you create your character. When creating your persona, you can even select their horoscope (which shapes their personality) and see how they look in different weather conditions. You’ll have the perfect picture of what they will look like and who they will be when you’re done.

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