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Nowadays, people love games.

In fact, right now there are over three billion gamers in the world – which is not this away from half the population.

However, despite how fun video games are, there is a slight problem: people are overwhelmed with choices.

Every month, it seems like a ton of new games are released on all major platforms, be it PlayStation 5 or PC. For the average gamer, it’s a parcel to keep track. For example, every year a new Call of Duty title comes out, causing the market to become oversaturated.

As a solution, this article has put together some tips for you to discover new online games that you will really enjoy. Ready? We’ll take a look.

Read reviews

Reviews are arguably the best tool for discovering new games.

On this subject, you can read the opinions of:

Ideally, you should read a combination of the two for a balanced view.

For example, here are some reviews of the best UK casino sites for people who love online games like poker and slots.

Use Reddit

Reddit is a great source for discovering new online games.

In case you didn’t know, Reddit is one of the biggest forums on the internet. Here, people gather to discuss everything from travel to games.

On Reddit there is literally thousands of gaming subreddits to browse. As a general starting point, you should create an account and subscribe to the r/Gaming subreddit.

r/Gaming is a great source for discovering new games. If people think a game is good and worth playing, they’ll let you know in this subreddit. Also, paid advertising is not common on Reddit, which means you know most opinions are genuine.

Browse Twitch

Next, Twitch.

Twitch is a platform primarily intended for streaming video games. Every day, thousands of people stream games for their fans and subscribers to watch – it’s a really simple concept.

Of course, Twitch is also a great way to discover new games. For example, streamers like Ninja – which has over a million subscribers – will often plug in new games they’ve discovered. When they do, it allows their subscribers to go and test these games for themselves. More often than not, they will end up loving them.

So if you don’t already have one, it is recommended that you create a Twitch account and subscribe to many different players. Also, be sure to browse the “Games” and “eSports” tabs to check out as much new content as possible.

Read YouTube comments

The YouTube gaming community is a very reliable source of information. It is for this exact reason that you should always read the comments section.

For example, when a new trailer for a Call of Duty game is released, the comments section will often be filled with people suggesting other first-person shooters you should try.

Also, the comments section (when unfiltered) is a great way to find out if a game is really good or not. If not, the comment section will let you know by giving negative feedback.

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