Top 5 Best Online Games in India in 2022


There is a big difference between games from the 90s and games from the 20th century. The terminology of today’s game has completely changed. Where the abundance of graphics soars. Check out the Top 5 Best Online Games in India in 2022.

You cannot know if you are playing a game on a device or if you are playing a game on a real land. Today’s games are designed to enhance your entertainment. It would be a mistake to say that entertainment is the one thing that has made many people choose gambling as a career option.

Top 5 Best Online Games in India in 2022

Today’s game gives you a real experience. However, the range of games available in the market is wide. So it is not easy to choose which of them is the best.

We have to make sure you don’t get lost in the sea of ​​games available for download. So we have selected the list of top five games in India. Which, of course, made gamers the top choice for graphics, gameplay, and overall experience.

5. The Candy Crush Saga:

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The popularity of this game has been created for a long time. However, in 2015, the complexity of the game was a bit more. But for two or three years, the game has become much less complicated.

The most addictive part of this game is changing and matching candies. If you pass it, you can go to the next level. This game is made with thousands of levels and simple gameplay

Which makes Candy Crush Saga one of the most popular mobile games in India.

4. King Ludo:

Top 5 Best Online Games in India in 2022
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Ludo is one of our favorite things since childhood. But due to lack of time, Ludo does not play with all of us. So when Ludo got on the mobile, it caused a stir.

Its popularity began to grow by leaps and bounds. You can play Ludo here with as many people as you want, not just four. Bigger than that, we can go online and play Ludo with random players.

You will see this game at the top of the Google Play leaderboards. Where more than 500 million downloads have already been made.

3.Garena Free Fire:

Top 5 Best Online Games in India in 2022
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This is the most popular game in India in 2021. If you like fighting this is for you. This game has many modes. You can choose anyone and play.

In a nutshell, it’s a war royal game. It was developed by 111 points studio and published by Garena. The most interesting thing is that this game contains blocks of maps of certain places in India.

Where you can play the way you want. In the game, players can first choose their starting point with a parachute.

2. Call of Duty:

Top 5 Best Online Games in India in 2022
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The Call of Duty game was released in 2019. And amazingly, 300 million downloads have already happened in 2020. It is a completely free platform.

Players can earn a certain amount of money during the game. The name of the currency is credit. Also on Call of Duty there is a lot for user players.

One of the main reasons for the popularity of the game is the smooth gameplay and graphics.

1. PUBG:

Top 5 Best Online Games in India in 2022
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At the top of the list is the controversial game PUBG. Controversial as the game was banned by the Indian government.

Surprising to hear, there are millions of players in the PUBG scene. It is the most downloaded game in the video game world. Its popularity is due to its excellent graphics and versatile diversions.

Although there was a time when the finger was pointed at this game. Because a lot of kids got violent playing this game.

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