Trade Bank of Iraq Launches Online Banking System to Better Connect Financial Services


As part of its ongoing efforts to help meet the needs of its customers for a seamless banking experience, the Commercial Bank of Iraq (TBI) launched an online banking system and a mobile application.

Available in English and Arabic, the online banking system and mobile app will provide safe and secure banking convenience, making it easier for customers to complete their banking transactions.

Developed by the FinTech Organization Finastra, the launch of the online system and mobile application, which saw a successful gradual launch in April 2021, comes at a crucial time in response to the Covid-19 pandemic; where people will be able to minimize the number of physical visits to TBI branches and save considerable time.

Among the main features is the international money transfer option, a first of its kind for Iraqi banks that will allow TBI clients to transfer funds to any bank in the world. In addition to having access to their accounts and knowing their daily and monthly withdrawal limits, customers can also view each account’s balance, view their transaction history for up to one year, and view their bank statements.

The mobile application, downloadable from the Apple App Store and google play, also allows customers to see the nearest ATMs and TBI branches.

“Today is a historic day for the Trade Bank of Iraq as we first showcase our online banking system and mobile app,” commented Dr Salem Jawad Chalabi, Chairman of the TBI and Chairman of the Board of Directors. “With more and more people using smartphones and computers and having access to the Internet, the online banking system and mobile app will help take banking experiences to the next level.

“Safe and secure, they were both created to make everyday life easier for our customers, giving them the ability to do their banking in the way that suits them best. At the same time, it also offers more flexibility and convenience, allowing our customers to manage their accounts and money from anywhere and anytime with just a few clicks.

“This is an important chapter in our history and one that will dramatically improve the customer experience, while facilitating the growth of TBI in Iraq and around the world. “

Since its inception in 2003, TBI has grown into one of Iraq’s largest banks. It has played a vital role in achieving its strategic objectives both in business and in assisting Iraq’s ongoing reconstruction, strengthening its reputation as a competent institution with access to global financial networks.

After opening its first branch outside Iraq in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, TBI plans to modernize its representative office in the global Abu Dhabi market and expand its branch network within and across outside Iraq; including expansion in Europe.

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