Two inmates in online banking fraud case


After a week-long investigation, Kozhikode Rural Police arrested two engineering graduates who allegedly exploited the debit card details of numerous customers using skimmers at different ATMs and traded them with a gang of northern fraudsters. from India.

On Wednesday, PK Jubair of Villiappally and MK Shibin of Kayakkodi were arrested by a special investigation team led by Deputy Police Superintendent Moosa Vallikkadan.

It was the first time that residents suspected of colluding with leaders in bank fraud had been arrested in the neighborhood. It would be a turning point in similar investigations, police said. They said the task force obtained clear evidence that a group of three members from northern India visited to meet with Jubair and Shibin to plan the flight. According to officers, the group was in the district between February 10 and February 16. Their contact details were collected after visiting a lodge in Vadakara.

Officers in the investigation said the two youths in the district allegedly used protein skimmers to get customers’ debit card details and exchanged them for a commission. Customers who visited Punjab National Bank and State Bank of India ATMs near Vadakara bus station were the main victims. Since March 23, police had received more than 10 complaints in which customers claimed to have lost money in their bank accounts.

After the arrest, police asked ATM card holders in Vadakara to change their PIN code for security reasons. They intensified the investigation to locate the three people who allegedly withdrew the amount using the details of the wiretapped card.

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