UK online banking apps and down websites: TSB, Halifax, Santander and Natwest affected

The main online banking applications in the UK have recently suffered from technical problems. Some customers have reportedly encountered issues while accessing apps and websites. Right off the bat, some users said they couldn’t log into online banking platforms on their devices.

UK’s biggest banking apps are down for now

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The UK’s largest online banking sites and apps suffered from technical issues on Friday August 20.

The Independent reported on Friday August 20 that notable apps and websites for selected online banks were down. Some of the affected banks include TSB, Natwest, Halifax and Santander.

According to affected customers who commented on the latest issue online, affected banks have been notified of the event.

Natwest said it is aware of complaints from customers.

The company even asked people what type of network provider they have. As a suggestion, Natwest recommended that they try switching to another network to see if they could access their app and website.

On Twitter, Santander said it saw numerous tweets from customers regarding the issue online. According to the bank, she was made aware of the problem that recently arose, including the inability to log into the app.

Much like what Natwest suggested earlier, Santander said users should test using both data and WiFi to see. This technique could be an effective approach to see if the user will have better online access.

On the other hand, another online bank, HSBC, said the huge problem could only be attributed to a few customers. The company has apologized to users and encouraged them to contact them whenever they encounter any issues that need to be addressed.

In 2020, HSBC was embroiled in a full-scale scandal with Barclays after discovering they had $ 2 trillion in illegal money stored in their systems.

According to CityAM, at 7:30 am Santander has a total of 925 user complaints. During this time, the TSB registered 460 complaints at 7:40 am. In the meantime, HSBC noted that 415 complaints arrived at 7:50 am.

Some users say Sky Internet could be the problem

While many online banking apps have been affected by the brutal issue, some users take a different view of the issue.

According to other users who have encountered the inaccessibility issue, the problem could be with Sky Internet.

Said internet was believed to be the cause of websites malfunction, as internet traffic can be unstable due to such reasons. As a solution, people could experiment by changing their WiFi data connection. In this case, they might get lucky when changing the DNS in their internet browsers.

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Online banks have closed in recent months

In the United States, many online banks have reportedly closed as many customers struggle to access websites. At that time, frequent system errors occurred, which is why users often failed to enter their account and other information.

BBVA USA’s website was showing a warning to those who tried to log in. According to the company, they were experiencing longer queue hours in their customer service section.

In the hours that followed, the company promised it would accommodate customers with their concerns. They would also extend the wait time for all online banking users.

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