UK’s leading online education provider enters the metaverse


Education is coming to the Metaverse

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UK’s Leading Metaverse Online Education Provider

Female-founded EdTech disruptor Sophia Technologies is beginning to reinvent education in the Ethereum blockchain-based Somnium Space Metaverse.

The future of education is now. Immersive experiences, made possible by the virtual nature of the metaverse, allow children to learn without realizing it – it’s the holy grail of education.

— Melissa McBride, Founder of Sophia Technologies

LONDON, UK, February 28, 2022 / — – A world where students develop their learning in the Somnium space based on the Ethereum blockchain –

Sophia Technologies Ltd.., a UK EdTech company and UK online school, today announced its partnership with The Metaverse Group, a affiliate. The partnership sees it become the first UK online education provider to enter the metaverse, where it will launch its discovery center for immersive learning in the Somnium space.

“The future of education is here. Virtual reality worlds are a great way to boost creativity, collaboration and communication,” said Melissa McBride, CEO and Founder of Sophia Technologies Ltd. “They also have the potential to foster critical thinking in students, because anything is possible when you’re inside these immersive environments. One thing that makes them so powerful for education? The virtual nature of the metaverse, which allows children to learn without realizing it – it’s the holy grail of education.

In an industry dominated by male leaders, Sophia Technologies, founded by a woman, asserts its position by shaping education in the metaverse. At the same time, Sophia joins a select group of disruptors, founded and led by female CEOs, who are emerging as technology leaders in EdTech, Virtual Reality, Cryptocurrency and Web 3.0 and are paving the way for more women to step in and shape the next generation of the internet.

Sophia recognizes the need to be proactive in moving from the current system to one that helps prepare students to live and work in the digital age. Sophia is already the benchmark for high-quality digital education in her online school, Sophia High School, but always seeks to push the boundaries of what is possible in education through technology. That’s why he’s taking this exciting step into virtual reality (VR) and is excited to be part of an ecosystem that’s shaping education inside the metaverse.

“Sophia is committed to equipping a new generation of digitally native and increasingly space-native learners with the digital skills they need to live and work in a cyber-centric world.” said David McCarthy, director of education at Sophia High School. “The immersive learning environment, made possible by virtual reality, not only connects students to an enriched learning environment, wherever they are in the world, but opens the door to hands-on life activities that simply aren’t possible in the classroom. VR, we have the potential to decentralize education and create a better and more equitable era of education. This is the future of education.”

The EdTech company seizes every opportunity to provide quality learning to more students at affordable prices. Its latest immersive learning program, Athena Laboratories, does so by connecting students, ages 6 to 14, across the world in virtual reality. They learn everything from science and history to art and languages, take virtual field trips, and can learn about social entrepreneurship, cryptocurrency, and how to be their own content creators.

Sophia is eager to reinvent education inside Espace Somnium.

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Sophia arrives as the first UK online education provider in the Metaverse based on the Ethereum blockchain, Somnium Space

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