Vystar customer fed up with ongoing online banking issues


A Vystar customer is fed up with ongoing online banking issues after the credit union’s mobile and online banking services were down for 6 days.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Imagine not knowing how much money you have for almost a week.

Vystar Credit Union’s online banking service has been down since Friday, May 13, and customers are angry.

“Can you imagine not being able to see your money for an entire week?”

This is exactly the scenario Sandra Silvers and thousands of other Vystar customers find themselves in after Vystar’s online and mobile banking system went down.

“It’s very frustrating,” Silvers says. “You want to believe your money is safe because it’s a reputable institution, but when you can’t reach anyone on the phone and you can’t get the internet to work, you wonder if your money is still safe.”

Vystar says in-person banking is still possible, and Silvers has those means, but not everyone can get to a branch easily.

“My mom’s in a wheelchair, she can’t go to a branch,” Silvers says, “what are you supposed to do, depend on the system? I don’t know who’s running it, but they need to be fired .”

Silvers has been a Vystar customer for over 20 years. She takes care of her personal and business banking with the credit union, but her patience is running out.

“I hate not giving people a second chance because that’s just who I am and Vystar has been good to us over the years,” Silvers says, “but they have to move on and fix this and they have to do it right.”

On Thursday afternoon, Vystar Credit Union said no member information had been released and their own banking system remained secure.

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