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While social media is a powerful tool for building a strong online presence, it is also just one of the many tools you can implement in the digital space. As all roads lead to digital in business and beyond in today’s environment, it is crucial for you to learn and possibly master other digital marketing tools available to you to help promote the online journey of your business.

“For businesses, it’s important that they capture the attention of consumers where they spend most of their time online. This changes depending on the demographics and type of business, and it’s important that you reach out to them at critical times when they might be looking for exactly what you’re offering, ”said Norman Barrientos, Marketing Director for the company. ‘Southeast Asia at GoDaddy.

As a company that enables entrepreneurs around the world to offer online tools and expert advice to build a strong online presence, GoDaddy shares digital marketing methods you can implement to capture the attention of potential customers.

The tool: search engine optimization (SEO)

Prepare your brand for research. Once optimized for search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, your business website will be categorized and appear in relevant search results on those sites. This will require you to incorporate the right keywords into your website to help improve search. While large companies often hire professionals to do this, some tools like GoDaddy’s SEO, built into their websites + marketing, online store, and digital marketing suite, have an easy-to-follow step-by-step tool. and give you advice on how to improve yourself. your website’s search rankings.

Improved search ranking can also lead to improved organic search result ranking. Translation: When a potential customer searches for products and services online, your business becomes more visible to them when your keywords match their search terms.

The tool: email marketing

Sending personalized content to your customer database remains one of the most effective tools for building customer loyalty. “Well-designed and written emails, especially those with special offers, often get customers to click on your website link,” Barrientos said.

There are various tools available to help you create marketing emails quickly. GoDaddy’s email marketing tool, for example, helps you easily create modern and stylish emails with a drag-and-drop composer, as well as clickable buttons to help further drive engagement with each. email sent.

Existing content can also be leveraged, for example by turning blog posts into newsletters and sending them to a specific customer list, which you can also create by following simple steps. “Our secure authentication tools help ensure that your database is also protected against spam,” said Barrientos.

The tool: website analysis

Your website’s performance can help you determine how you can improve it. Knowing which pages customers spend time on and what type of content they respond to best can help you focus on where to make changes to retain customers.

Some tools also benefit from artificial intelligence. Like GoDaddy’s Websites + Marketing for example, comes equipped with InSight, a smart technology tool that provides metrics and advice on how to improve your online performance.

Whether you are just starting out or looking to grow your business online, GoDaddy offers a variety of integrated online tools to meet your digital marketing needs and help you stay in touch with your customers. To learn more, log on to ph.GoDaddy.com.



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