“Weeks” Are All It Takes For Online Education To Change Forever


Miller says Moodle ™ is used by about 70% of all universities around the world, as well as many businesses and nonprofits, unions and associations.

As with last year, “our business has grown exponentially during this time and as education now returns to the classroom or campus around the world, the online component has now been standardized, we are therefore very enthusiastic about the future. “

Miller has every right to be excited considering UK based Barclays Bank estimates the education technology market is expected to grow over 15% over the next four years to reach over $ 550 billion annually globally.

In addition, e-learning technologies go far beyond traditional learning environments in universities and schools. Barclays suggests that the huge potential also lies in executive training and in-company apprenticeship.

Miller says the group’s incredibly diverse Australian clientele includes some of the largest local universities as well as South Australia’s TAFE department and a range of local nonprofits, including the Cancer Council of Victoria.

Open LMS vice president of product development, Dean Saunders, says the company works closely with its customers to help create bespoke educational products tailored to their purpose.

Beyond chalk and speech

Simply put: online learning has the potential to transform education. It will not supplant face-to-face learning but increase what we already have. What sets it apart is that it can go far beyond chalk and talk aimed at the privileged few to reach a larger cohort and democratize training across an organization.

“Open LMS works closely with its customers to design the tools organizations need to meet the training needs of their internal staff. Tools designed to be easy to use, using technology built into an organization’s own systems, ”says Saunders.

And most importantly, in addition to helping create online educational resources, Open LMS also measures everything that is done.

“While our platforms are designed to build internal knowledge and skills within organizations, they are also there to allow employees to easily share information and easily interconnect with other areas of the business.

“For example, if I’m a business, our tools allow you to share knowledge across the supply chain or internally, which increases the capabilities of everyone within an organization,” says Saunders.

Significant results

According to Saunders, it’s about achieving more meaningful learning outcomes through technology and data. In addition, it merges the worlds of higher education and corporate education, so employers have access to a more suitable workforce. As for employees, they are able to constantly improve their knowledge and skills throughout their careers.

“We have a skills matrix built into our product where from day one, as an employee, you can see what skills you have and compare them to other roles that exist within the organization.

“So if you come in as a help desk operator on day one and want to be the CEO, you can click the drop-down menu to see all the roles in the organization and see the CEO role. Obviously you’ll know you’ve got a good way to go, but at least you’ll know where to go, ”Saunders says.

Conversely, a manager or human resources professional can see at a glance the skills that exist in their organization and decide what training is needed or which might be best suited for a role.

“Just as universities change their mindset, businesses must also adopt an innovative mindset to meet the needs of learners and those looking to improve or change their skills. Learners want what’s relevant and best for their careers, and employers want people who are ready for the job, ”Saunders said.

Miller says one of employers’ centuries-old wails is about college graduates lacking the skills required, while universities suggest there aren’t enough jobs for graduates. What Open LMS does helps create a better intersection between companies and education providers through data, so that there is a more transparent link between vocational training and available jobs.

He says the ability to provide constant development opportunities throughout an employee’s career is extremely important in recruiting and retaining talent.

“If you don’t empower people to develop their skills and constantly provide your team with ways to grow and learn, you will be left behind,” he says.

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