Which nations in the world love online games the most?


Online casinos are a worldwide phenomenon, but some nations are exceptionally committed to the scene. Here are some key examples of the regions most interested in a virtual bet.

Internet gambling has become popular all over the world and the interest in it continues to grow every day. This is mainly due to the accessibility and convenience of the casinos, but also to the offer of games and free bonuses. Some regions are more active on the scene than others. It is very clear that some nations love betting and can’t get enough of it. Want to know which parts of the world are most inclined to gamble with money?

We are going to introduce them in this article and give some possible reasons why they love to play so much. Ready to start?

Why are online games so popular?

The online casino industry took off a few years ago and has been growing ever since. We are seeing an increase in the number of active users each month, and nothing seems to be stopping this upward trend. What exactly makes this game segment so popular with internet users? Well, the huge variety of games available in Australian online casinos and around the world is one thing. A range of slot machines such as Sun of Egypt or Wolf Treasure, other live hosted games or poker tournaments – is an attractive offer these days. The availability of these can be checked on the Internet, combined with casino reviews. Often players also get free bonuses and generous freebies for depositing.

Now that we know the most solid reason people love to gamble, it’s time to learn which nations love to gamble the most.


The ocean region is known for its passion for traditional video games, and things are no different when it comes to casinos. Aussies love fast-paced mini-games and slot machine simulators. You will find many Australian players in poker tournaments or high roller blackjack sessions. They have a wide selection of websites to choose from, as online casinos for USA players are constantly updated and reviewed. They can select the best provider through countless rankings and comparison sites. While Aussies might not be great in terms of nation size, their player base is surprisingly high. No wonder you see them everywhere you go in a virtual casino session. The most popular online games in Australia include roulette, texas hold’em and old-fashioned mini-games.


Canadians just can’t resist the game these days. However, they taste very different from Australians. Since the country has always been interested in sports, this is also reflected in its casino winnings. They are active in sports betting such as football, ice hockey and basketball. Canadian players often target leagues like the NFL, NBA or NHL. However, some risky bettors also like to try their luck in more specialized college leagues, which can lead to more upheaval and unexpected rewards.

Sport has always been an integral part of the Canadian way of life, even if you’re not very physically active. You can still be a dedicated fan by watching games and placing bets! Additionally, users from this country can be seen playing live hosted games such as Crazy Time or Baccarat, which are great for hitting giant jackpots and generous multipliers. We have a tip here: if you want to take sports betting tips from someone, you better pick Canadians!


This one might come as a surprise, but if you’ve ever played tournament poker, you’ll know what we’re talking about. Brazilians may not be very active in slot machines or other virtual mini-games, but they have one thing that interests them. They love participating in hold’em events and poker tournaments, no matter the stakes. You’ll see plenty of this in low-attendance competitions, but that’s just the beginning. There are several Brazilian professional poker players who deeply inspire others. Online casinos are full of successful Brazilian players, who often finish in first place in multi-table tournaments. And believe us, they are not easy opponents at all! But don’t be afraid of them, as they are friendly, despite their competitive nature.


The Portuguese have something in common with Brazil, and it’s not just the language. They also enjoy a great play session! You can spot Portuguese users playing in high-stakes roulette rooms or sitting at private blackjack tables. They are not afraid to take risks and real money gambling is perfect for them. They love joining tables with real casino hosts and chatting there. Who knows, maybe their high payouts are just adding to the social aspect of the game? Whatever the case, Portuguese players are known to score big in classic casino games, despite being perceived as the most disadvantageous and random. If you dream of learning to play blackjack or roulette like a pro, you better find a solid Portuguese player and learn from them! After that, they’ll be more than happy to test your skills and compete against you in a community event.


While online gaming is a popular thing all over the world, it’s definitely for a reason. Casinos are very good at attracting new people and keeping them active with free bonuses and a wide variety of games to choose from. A trusted casino has no problem retaining players and attracting more customers. Some websites are more globally oriented, while others try to target specific local communities or nations.

You are most likely to find the nations listed above at a huge global casino, but exceptions apply. A global website allows you to meet people from all over the world. In a small casino, you may be able to meet someone from your city and make friends! The choice is yours and you are equipped with all the knowledge. If you want to improve in a specific game area, you know which country to watch and learn from. Good luck!

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