Why it’s time to embrace online education to improve your career

With the ability to hone and improve your industry knowledge through online learning, many universities have started offering online degree programs making quality higher education accessible to everyone. One of the main reasons students opt for online degrees is because they fit their schedule and the flexibility is a big plus. They no longer have to quit their jobs or sacrifice their passions or other commitments to pursue higher education. As e-learning becomes an essential tool in the world of education, this article examines why it is safe and beneficial to adopt this new way of learning.

Online learning in india

India has an internet user base of over
825 million
and the online education market is expected to reach
400 billion dollars by 2026


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Today, the Indian government not only allows online degree programs, but the recent dual degree program offered by NEP 2020 allows students to pursue two degrees simultaneously in physical and online modes. The UGC determines the standards, regulations and examinations for all these courses across the country.

Universities must be licensed and accredited by authorities and must be certified by UGC and have high NAAC recognition or NIRF ranking for two consecutive years.

The main reason for promoting these programs was to provide an opportunity for all students and thereby improve the Gross Enrollment Rate (GER) in higher education in India, thereby improving accessibility. But today, more and more students see it as a viable option as there is a substantial economic benefit since online degrees are affordable, and students can advance their careers or be promoted to new positions without compromising their priorities at their own pace.

Online degree as a route to a higher education system

Every learner can benefit from online learning in different ways. Taking online courses can offer many rewards and serve as a pathway to higher education if you commit to the classes, stick to a plan, and set your goal.

Next generation learning

Online learning differs from distance learning. Online programs provide a virtual approximation of classroom instruction, so pursuing an online degree is equivalent to your regular degrees. You will communicate with your fellow learners and instructors via live streams in an e-learning course. At the same time, distance learning offers little or no opportunity for face-to-face contact between instructors and learners and does not use the notion of collaborative learning.


The economic benefits of online learning are significant. Because online learning reduces costs for student travel, meals, and most importantly, real estate. All training or learning resources are available in digital form, which creates a seamless, less expensive and environmentally friendly educational environment.

Quality education

Digital institutions are redefining what knowledge sharing entails due to the power of connectivity. You can study using live sessions, webinars, and assignments to help you grasp complex topics quickly. We are even seeing programs such as Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) appear to meet the growing demand for digital adult education.

Greater flexibility

Online education is the most effective technique to create the ideal educational environment for every learner. With its array of choices and tools, you can customize the e-learning platform in a variety of ways. Online degree programs allow individuals to incorporate their preferred learning style with a predetermined schedule.

How Are Online Degrees From Manipal University Jaipur Transforming Indian Higher Education System?

UGC recognizes Manipal University Jaipur’s online courses, and the university is considered one of the most reputable educational institutions in India with a
A+ NAAC Rating.

“Manipal University, Jaipur collaborates with industry experts to deliver high-quality online degree programs that enhance the latent traits of students by turning them into competent professionals. Our state-of-the-art immersive learning management system creates a near-real-world experience by intelligently infusing innovative learning methods that deliver high-value learning anytime, anywhere, at their own pace,” says Dr. Mallikarjuna Gadapa, Director – Online Education, Manipal University Jaipur.

Currently, Manipal University Jaipur offers online degrees benefiting from UGC in fields like MBA, BBA, BCA, MCA, BCom, MCom and MA JMC. Apart from earning an online degree, interested students can also benefit from a
plethora of benefitssuch as free access to Coursera, Rs 50,000 free e-learning courses and exclusive online mentorship from world-class faculty at any point in their learning journey.

An online degree gives learners a significant advantage of flexibility and versatility, in addition to the other benefits listed above. If you want to start a new career or progress in your current job,
Online manipulation might turn out to be your best bet.

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Disclaimer: The article was produced on behalf of Manipal University by Times Internet Spotlight Team.

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