Wordle proves that simplicity is better when it comes to online games and apps


Wordle is the latest internet sensation and exploded in 2022. It’s a simple word game created by a Brooklyn-based software engineer named Josh Wardle. He created the game as a side project due to his love of word games and it seems thousands of others love it too.

Wordle’s objective is to guess the five-letter word of the day and you have six tries to get it right. On each attempt, you are told if any of the letters you used are in the last word, and if they are in the correct place with green and gray boxes. Thanks to these clues, you can eliminate letters and determine the answer.

When you guess correctly, it gives you stats on your guess distribution and winning streak. You can also share your win with friends or on social media – although they’ll only see a grid of those green and gray boxes, not the letters (so you don’t mess it up). There is only one answer per day and everyone has the same.

The popularity of this game says a lot about what really makes a good game. Wordle doesn’t even have an app, although plenty of copycat apps exist now, and there are no flashy graphics. Most free games make their money from in-app purchases, advertising, or both, but it doesn’t and that’s part of the charm.


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Games that require players to pay to progress faster are really frustrating. I resist the lure of these add-ons as much as I can afford I’ve given up a few times. Afterwards though I feel dirty, having caved in to the system and still no further – yes, I’m looking at you Golf Rival.

I’d much rather pay money for the game upfront than have to keep paying week after week, but that’s how popular games can make a lot of money. With Wordle, there’s no way to take your money, which is refreshing. The only option is to choose the hard mode which requires you to use the revealed letters in your next guess and the options for a dark mode and a colorblind mode with higher contrast colors.

The only frustration with Wordle is that you have to wait until the next day to play it again once you’ve solved the puzzle. I wish a random word generator was added so you could keep playing, but that might ruin its charm.

Try Wordle for yourself online.


(Image credit: Wordle)

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